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Weekly newsletter |7 May 2021| Tech weakness returns

Aarinder Lidder - May 07, 2021

Tech Weakness Returns

Hello and welcome to our weekly newsletter, where I discuss what's been going on in investment markets and what to look out for, in the days and weeks ahead.

I want to start this newsletter by giving you a bit of a recap, of how the stock market indices have performance since our last newsletter. The NASDAQ has fallen about 1.1%. The TSX has increased minimally less than 0.1%. The S&P 500 has risen about 1.1%. The Dow Jones, which is very interesting, is up about 2.6% in the last week. All three of these indices have been hitting new all-time highs. Looking a bit broader, the emerging market broad index, which is a broad measure of emerging markets, is down around about 2%. The all world index is down around about 1%.

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