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Weekly newsletter |14 May 2021| US Inflation Data Spooks Investors

Aarinder Lidder - May 15, 2021

US Inflation Data Spooks Investors

Hello and welcome to our weekly newsletter, where I talk about what's been going on in investment markets and what to look out for, in the days and weeks ahead.

Last week, I talked about technical analysis and I mentioned certain key levels to look out for on indices like the S&P 500. Those of you who have been doing your homework, would have found some interesting price moves around some of the levels that I mentioned. For example, in the S&P 500, I said keep an eye on 4200, as that would be proving a resistance line and the market might react to it. The market did react and it broke just under 200 points lower before a slight rally. We’re down around about 4164 on the S&P 500.

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