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Exceptional Service

Kamal is a diamond in the seam of coal that is ‘Wealth Management’. The fact that he operates within the armor of Canaccord Genuity makes him unstoppable. Kamal is intelligent, insightful, diligent, friendly, deeply trustworthy and above all professional.

He goes above and beyond as my investment advisor. If you are lucky enough to have been introduced, you are truly blessed.

Elmer & Veronia P

A Superb Advisor

As part of my mentoring with Aarinder (all those years ago!) we attended client meetings together and one thing struck me. He was not a wallflower at those meetings. He was making the most of the situation by practicing his planning and finessing his questioning techniques with clients.

Aarinder was keen to learn and put that learning into practice. I recall driving to client meetings with him where he was always keen to discuss ideas and alternative solutions for clients to see how they could play out in the real world.

I would actually enjoy Aarinder as my adviser, which makes it quite sad he now lives in Canada!


Adrian Mee- Chartered Financial Planner and Co-founder at Wattam Kirkby Mee

A breath of fresh air

After being neglected by our Big Bank wealth advisor over the past few years, we were fortunate to be introduced to Kamal.

His refreshing attitude and genuine concern about our investments has already shown us an increase in our portfolio values. Kamal has a professional expertise and forward thinking knowledge that he communicates with us on a regular basis.

We would definitely recommend Kamal to others for a positive experience in management of their investments.


Ross and Colleen C