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Kamal Lidder, LL.B. (Hons)

Senior Wealth Advisor

Kamal has over 18 years experience in the financial services industry. He started with BMO Financial Group and
transitioned across to their Wealth Management arm, Nesbitt Burns. 

Kamal joined Canaccord Genuity Wealth Management to be part of an independent firm, offering wealth management to his clients. Kamal's focus is on providing wealth management solutions to professionals, entrepreneurs, retirees, local government and
philanthropic entities. Together with his partners, Kamal helps his clients address their biggest concerns: preserving wealth,
mitigating taxes, taking care of their estate, and charitable giving.

Prior to coming to Canada, Kamal graduated from Law School in the United Kingdom with a LLB. (Honours). When he is
not at work he is an active member of community in Tsawwassen. Along with his wife Ruby, and two children, Kamal enjoys cycling the sea wall, soccer and outdoor sports.

Aarinder Lidder, BA (Hons) Dip PFS

Investment Associate

Aarinder was working as an investment adviser in the United Kingdom for a number of years before moving to Vancouver in 2020. He completed his bachelors degree in Business Studies where he graduated with Honours. He also completed the
Diploma in regulated financial planning in the United Kingdom. Upon completing his degree in 2012 he ventured out to Vancouver and worked for Royal Bank of Canada for two years as financial adviser before returning to the UK.

Aarinder specializes in investment advice, tax, estate planning and pension and retirement strategies for high net worth individuals and business owners. He has a sincere passion and enthusiasm for this industry.

In his spare time Aarinder loves to travel to experience new cultures and cuisines. He lives an active lifestyle and enjoying the great outdoors since moving to British Columbia.

Canaccord Genuity Wealth & Estate Planning Services Ltd. specializes in meeting the evolving and often complex needs of high net worth individuals in Canada.

Strategic Partnerships

Anne Jackson, BBA, CMA, CPA, QAFP

Wealth & Estate Planning Specialist

Anne specializes in providing tax planning solutions for our clients, and holds a BBA from SFU, a concentration in Accounting and Finance. She also holds a CPA designation and brings years of taxation and accounting experience to the group. Anne currently holds her QAFP designation and is also Insurance licensed.

Anne’s accounting and independent taxation consulting experience has given her knowledge and skills in advanced financial, tax and estate planning strategies for high net worth clients. She is committed to fully understanding a client’s individual situation, in order to create and implement tax efficient, long-term successful solutions for each client.

Jesse Martyn, BFA, CFP, CLU

Wealth & Estate Planning Specialist

I found my way into the financial services industry in a roundabout way - a decade as a professional actor. Someone who loves to argue, sing, and cry in front of an audience might not traditionally also love time-value of money calculations, but that's why when I was looking for the next step beyond performing, I got started in the industry providing insurance and planning advice. 

Supported by my strong practical and analytical mindset, balanced by a drive to figure out what makes people tick, I assimilate all required data gathered to assess a client's big picture during a discovery phase, then drive the analysis of courses of action and design the most meaningful and dynamic way to document and present recommendations. I'm a creative strategist driven to get the planning process started and guide it through a wealth planning process, all while making sure that our recommendations are clearly articulated and inspiring. 

This is all backed up by a lifelong desire to continue to deepen my knowledge of complex insurance and wealth planning including my status as a Certified Financial Planner professional and Chartered Life Underwriter. I'm driven by my values of security, happiness, integrity, health and environment. With all of this in mind, it's probably not a surprise that I'm a Kolbe 8-4-5-2, led by Fact Finder. 

Industry Experience: Worked with a boutique firm, Evolution Strategies, creating custom advanced insurance and planning solutions. Previously, independent holistic financial professional specialized in socially responsible investments and working with the creative class. 

Shoaib Ansari CPA, CA

Managing Director

Investment Banking Services

Our Investment Banking partners help our corporate clients raise capital to finance various activities and grow their businesses by providing direct access to institutional investors around the world. They help facilitate cross-boarder transactions and assist with mergers and acquisitions. They have deep industry knowledge and strong professional ties to our focus sectors that enable us to deliver timely and independent strategies to our clients. Their influential financial services relationships provide direct access to institutional investors around the world.

Kevin Vandermeer, CFA FCSI

Managing Director

Investments & Advisory Solutions

Kevin is Canaccords Genuity Wealth Management's lead Portfolio Manager who focuses on Investments and Advisory Solutions and building unique portfolios and solutions for our clients. Prior to joining Canaccord Genuity, he launched his own hedge fund and worked for one of Canada's largest bank where he co-managed $3.7 billion.