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Pre-IPO US Technology Companies

We have partnered with a boutique investment company which provides us access to exclusive Pre-IPO companies.

We believe this exciting asset class should be available to a larger group of investors rather than institutions only. We recognize that to be successful investing in this market, it requires research, relationships, partnering with issuers, due diligence, and old fashion hard work. We have brought investors exciting deals such as Air Bnb, Spotify, Planatir and Impossible Foods. To be in the loop when new deals are created please sign up to our mailing list today for exclusive deals. 



Alternative Investments

Canaccord Genuity and Lidder Wealth Advisory Group are able to provide a number of alternative investments. We are a leader when it comes to debt offerings for finding financing for various industries. We also offer private debt securities which allow investors access to fast growing mid-market enterprises in Canada.This strategy aims to preserve capital and generate uncorrelated returns through short duration debt investments. This is whilst providing a fixed income vehicle with a distinct debt capital strategy. 

UK Pension Specialist

Canaccord Genuity Wealth Management is a global firm with locations in 10 countries. Canaccord Genuity manages in excess of $52 billion of assets within the UK and Europe. We are able to provide guidance to UK expats, located in Canada in regards to their UK pensions and Inheritance tax (IHT). Given the complexity with UK Pensions we are able to provide you with a greater understanding of your various options available. We have partnered with a global accountancy firm that is able to provide advice on taxation within Canada and the UK. Our in house foreign exchange team are able to provide competitive rates when wanting to transfer funds to Canada.

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